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3 Jun

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Okay i have gone a bit overboard today on the posts but its raining outside so what else am i gonna do?

this is the third and last one for today.


We all make mistakes.. that’s why i made this blog to tell you mine and how i dealt with them and hopefully  stop a few people making the same ones i did.Today my “rules” are based upon relationships and love.


Trust is a big deal. Having trust in someone is the hardest and easiest thing for a person to do. There are many definitions of “Trust” in the dictionary. I picked “Trust is the ability for a person to rely on another person for strength and hope,it is to have the confidence in someone and to believe in them.

This isn’t really a rule more of a warning.Trusting someone is hard . I myself have difficulty in trusting someone completely.Some would call me damaged goods. But Im not writing this to tell people my sob story. No I’m writing this to say Trust is like’s precious and can be broke easily and sometimes cannot be repaired


Rule 3: Try to trust the people you love..if you can’t there must be a reason for that for trust is the most important thing in a relationship without it , it will in the end fail.  


stolen from the blog from Lady X “The most simple and awesome ways to NOT suck at life



Too Late

18 Nov

Is time on our side?I doubt it. I have just experienced the horrific realization that I discovered my feelings too late. I’ve had this friend for about three years. And he has made the fact he has had feelings for me very clear. But i was too scared to return them back. Like he was my best friend and if something went wrong i knew id lose him forever. We stopped being best friends ages ago..we just drifted i guess. But since October i cannot get him out of my head. I was finally ready to take things to the next level and today he officially announced he had a girlfriend. So now what am i suppose to do?I’m not going to ruin his newfound relationship I am going to hopefully not too slowly wait until its over.  Maybe im crazy and should move on too? Nah….Fcuk that shit im ready to go to war



emotional overshare?..TMI?

22 Sep

you could say im having a rant here or a rabble but i feel i must say this. WILL INSECURE OR ATTENTION SEEKING PEOPLE STOP EMOTINALLY OVERSHARING 24/7. I enjoy facebook,twitter and even bebo. Now i feel as though i’ll never social network again 😮 I ike uploading photos having a chat and even post the occasional link. BUT i find it the most annoying thing when thesee “EO’s” put up attentions seeking status saying how their love life “sucks” .They are always putting up “ugly” photos looking for a compliment. Do not Bullshit me . You wouldnt put up pictures that the whole world could see if you thought you looked fucking ugly in them. Its getting worse by the day. Its spreading like a disease. A conatgious cold that is impossible to get rid of. So if you hate these “EO’s” and they don’t seem to understand that TMI means to much information. This is how you spot them so you can block them 😛

1. Their status would be something along the lines of this

“Oh no why are you such prick i thought you cared”

they state just enough without revealing the juicy secrets to grap your attention.they follow up with a comment such as “Inbox me babe :/”

2.They put up a new picture and comment underneath saying ” Ugh i look so horrible ” someone else comments “pure stunner 2k11” and blah blah blaaaah !

and finally 3. when you go on to their page you feel like shooting yourself

IF you have any of the above symptons block them straight away you will never have to hear the fucking life story ever again.

until next time,

The original snoop dog (i wish ) 😀



The wonders of the…. Wizarding world ?

23 Jul

Has anyone else become extremely ill due to wizard fever? I know this may sound silly but i am literally heartbroken that Harry Potter is coming to a close. It has been apart of me for more than half my life 😮 . I have begun to use words such as “Muggles” and “Qudditch” in every day life. I have all the books and Dvds so i suppose in a way it will never really end but still its the end of a magical era. Perhaps in the future another spellbinding series of books will be released and i can someday say “Oh thats like the Harry Potter of my time” but for now i suppose i will re-read the books and re-watch the dvd’s and in a way Harry Potter and his adventures will never end 🙂

KT 😀


Is it worth it?

13 Jul

is anything worth it? i ask myself this a lot … Is all the fights and rows worth it when you know at the end of the day when you make up its magical! But overall even the most magical and wonderful thing in the world cant always heal the wounds of war! I want to know is love worth anything nowadays. I’ve heard of fairytales but there all dated from the past and usually the modern day fairytales don’t always have a happy ending. Maybe I’m just biased and cynical but i do believe that there is a degree of hard truth in there. Perhaps when you do find the ‘one’ the battles will be worth it. But until that day I would rather not spend my days fighting these oh so pointless battles.

KT 😀


By the way..

8 Jul

I know i have totally neglected my blog for exactly one year but i have made a promise to make at least one blog once a week so its good if you don’t find my blogs totally stupid or crap if you despise me and my blogs 😛

Until then,

KT 🙂

One word?

8 Jul

Isnt it strange how one negative comment can shape your whole day. Whereas a million positive feedbacks do nothing. Today, i was called cocky. I still haven’t fully recovered from it. It made me rethink everything i have been doing. That isn’t fair. A teenager should not have to be deep thinking all the time. This has consumed all my day. I’m trying to do everything i can to show this particular person that I’m not  horrible person that is stuck up my ass :/ .. Then a revelation hit me. Why should i have to try and suck up to this person. If they don’t like me then they can hit the high road. If anything i should be  changing for myself . Well i just don’t know  anymore. Maybe I’m just sensitive…but whatever i am it just totally sucks how one negative comment said about yourself can ruin your whole day ….

KT 🙂